Gourmet food revolution at CV

By Kara Navolio on March 09, 2015

Hungry Eagle food truck_for websiteClayton Valley Charter High School students line up at lunch time to grab a gourmet meal from “The Hungry Eagle”, the school’s new food truck. Chef Wayne Wells re-invents the school lunch using fresh ingredients that are cooked to order. Besides the Hungry Eagle fare, students can start the day with omelets and load up at the salad bar at lunch.


Ipsen Pac 12 -  for websiteClayton’s globetrotting diver Kristian Ipsen spent the first four days this week with eight Stanford teammates at the United States Air Force Academy while he competed in the NCAA Zone E diving championships hoping to qualify in all three events for his final national collegiate meet later this month in Iowa City.
“You have to finish in the top eight of an event here in order to make NCAAs. There is a new matrix system that allows anyone who finishes in the top eight of one event to qualify for nationals by finishing in the top 12 of the other events. It’s a better way of handling qualification,” Ipsen said from Colorado Springs this week. [click to continue…]

Area Iranians spring into Naw-ruz celebrations

By Peggy Spear on March 9, 2015

Gitty_Naw-ruz_for websiteWhile Americans take great pride in many of their New Year’s Eve celebrations, probably not many of them involve jumping over a bonfire.
But that is just one of the many symbolic gestures celebrated with the beginning of Naw-ruz (or No-rooz, Norooz, Nourouz), the Persian New Year, which begins on the Spring Equinox and is their biggest holiday of the year.
Called Chahar-Shanbeh Soori, on the Tuesday night — and Wednesday morning — before the start of Naw-ruz, many Iranians set small bonfires, and people, young and old, jump over it, saying in Farsi “Give me your beautiful red color (symbolizing health). Take back my yellowish color (symbolizing sickly pallor and bad luck.)” [click to continue…]

Artists draw inspiration at Creekside Arts Festival

By Peggy Spear on March 9, 2015

Creekside_Curtis Van Liew_for websiteGeorge Curtis Van Liew was just 10 when he started taking painting classes at Diamond Terrace retirement community, but the fact that he was the only child in the class didn’t stop the budding artist from practicing his craft.
Now Van Liew, 18, actually teaches painting in the same room he practiced in, and, after years of volunteering at the event, this year will be a featured artist at Creekside Arts 2015, the annual three-day Clayton arts festival to be held March 27, 28 and 29 in and around the Clayton Library. [click to continue…]

Keep glass half-full with conservation

By Dave Shuey on March 9, 2015

Shuey headshotAs we move into March we all need to hope, pray, do a rain dance and act out any other personal superstitions we have to get us some much needed rain and snow or we will all be facing more water rationing and conservation efforts this summer and beyond.
Currently, we are being asked to conserve 15 percent. Regardless of the drought, it is important that as our population swells we all start practicing ongoing good water habits. The Contra Costa Water District has all sorts of valuable and interesting articles and information regarding short- and long-term water conservation. They can help you with water conservation tips, a home water use survey to determine where you can save, a water saver newsletter to keep you advised of conditions and further ways to help, and most importantly, rebates for conservation, including up to $1,000 to convert your lawn to a water-wise landscaping. For information, go to www.ccwater.com/conserve. [click to continue…]