Clayton PD finally at full staff

By Peggy Spear on November 03, 2014

Clayton PD_9623_for websiteHeavy turnover took its toll on the Clayton Police Department this year. But, after operating severely short-handed for months, the department is now fully staffed with three new officers and an internal promotion to sergeant. From left: Officers John Fraga and Garrett Wayne, Sergeant Jason Shaw and Officer Lee Borman.


Patel Out of Uganda_for websiteUrmila Patel emits the kind of equilibrium that many people spend a lifetime seeking. Patel has just published her first novel, a non-fiction account of her family’s escape from Uganda in 1972.
“Out of Uganda in 90 Days: Her Journey from Kampala to India” is a powerful narrative. Yet meeting Patel in person, one would never guess this saga was part of her past. The surprise comes partly because Patel, of Asian Indian descent, is not someone most of us would expect to find living in Uganda. The other, and more revelatory piece, is Patel’s complete lack of rancor surrounding her experience with one of history’s most nefarious dictatorships. Her honed ability to remain strong amid great flux and her certainty in seeking truth for a higher cause suggest she may be uniquely suited to her new purpose,  facilitating healing in others. [click to continue…]

There are significant issues with the proposed Silver Oaks Estates development project adjacent to the Lydia Lane Park and Mt. Diablo Creek.  Many Clayton residents are participating in the review, and the primary conclusion of the review to date is that there are many significant issues with the documentation presented.  In a nutshell, the developer has proposed building a very high-density development surrounded by medium to low density housing, most of which has been in place more than 30 years.  The proposed development is totally out of character with the surrounding neighborhood and there are significant environmental impacts that do not appear to be adequately addressed and mitigated as proposed by the IS/MND (Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration).
Some of the significant issues inadequately or improperly addressed include the traffic study, 3 story (!) townhouses, aesthetics, character of the neighborhood, the trail system that passes along the property, traffic over an 80 year old bridge passing through the Lydia Lane Park parking lot (close to children’s play structures), noise and air pollution, ground stability/geology issues, creek hydrology, and endangered species.
The IS/MND is available for review on the City of Clayton website at  Public comments will be accepted only until November 20.  There are other small “infill” areas in Clayton, in which similar developments may be proposed and we must ensure that they are also developed responsibly.  We need to act to help maintain the character of this special place we call home. Read the document. Submit your comments. Now.

- Dennis Romano
Meredith Yalenty

City is ‘hawkish’ about finances

By Hank Stratford on November 3, 2014

Stratford Hank websiteThe City of Clayton recently received an “unmodified audit opinion” on its 2013/2014 financial statements. In other words, after examining our financial records and our operating procedures, our external auditors determined that our financial statements accurately reflect the financial status and condition of the city.
We ended the fiscal year on June 30, 2014, a little better off than we had budgeted. Our 2013/2014 budget included the carryover of some surplus funds from previous years. [click to continue…]