Family ties part of special Clayton
Valley Charter basketball season

By Jay Bedecarré on March 05, 2018

Family Ties for websiteIt’s been quite a season for Clayton Valley Charter High School boys basketball and there’s been a distinct family feel to it. Kris Pascoe (left) and her son Garrett Pascoe (second from left) joined John Mahloch (right) and his son Clayton at Ed’s Mudville Grill on the day the Eagles were announced as No. 1 seeds at North Coast Section. John Mahloch has called Mudville his work home for over two decades. Garrett Pascoe eclipsed some of John Mahloch’s school records  this season that date back to 1986 when both Mahloch and Kris Bell Pascoe graduated from the school. (Photo by Jay Bedecarré.)


Daffodil Hill a blooming sign of spring

By Nicole Hackett on March 5, 2018

Daffodil Hill for websiteEvery March, the gateway to Clayton fills with pops of yellow from the clumps of daffodils emerging to signal the onset of spring.

Back in 2000, members of the Clayton Valley Garden Club broke into the cement-like soil to install 500 daffodil bulbs. This was one of the club’s first civic beautification projects. Since those first flowers bloomed, the gateway to Clayton has lovingly been called Daffodil Hill. [click to continue…]

City proposes tighter smoking rules

By Tamara Steiner on March 5, 2018

A Grade of D from the American Lung Association for Clayton’s tobacco control efforts and an outdated smoking ordinance from 1993 have prompted the city to update its smoking regulations.

In 1993, electronic cigarettes did not exist and pot was illegal everywhere. New ways to smoke and new research on the effects of second hand smoke have left the city seeking clarity on use and enforcement guidelines. [click to continue…]

New chief brings county experience to Clayton job

By Keith Haydon on March 5, 2018

Haydon, Keith mayor for websiteThe most exciting news that occurred in Clayton since my last column is the swearing in of Elise Warren as the new chief of police at the Feb. 20 City Council meeting.

After Warren was sworn in, her daughter performed the ceremonial pinning of the police chief’s badge on her uniform to seal the appointment. The council also recognized interim chief Joseph Kreins for his service and leadership. [click to continue…]