Drama and drought watchwords of this year’s Garden Tour

By John Jackson on April 07, 2014

Lead-front page_2014_GardensTour_for websiteThis dramatic solarium at the Clayton home of Bob and Robin Griffiths houses a large collection of succulents and unusual potted plants. The Griffiths recently reduced the thirsty landscaping in the front with a drought tolerant cactus garden. The home is one of six on the Clayton Historical Society’s annual Garden Tour on April 26 & 27.


Clayton fire station to re-open in August

By Tamara Steiner on April 7, 2014

Clayton’s Station 11 will reopen in August, thanks to a $9.5 million federal grant designed to help local fire districts maintain adequate emergency response levels.

Station 11 was one of four stations forced to close in 2013 after a $75 parcel tax failed at the polls and the district had to slash costs.

Of the four closed, Station 11 is the only one to reopen. The Clayton station averages two calls a day with 65 percent of them being for emergency medical services (EMS). Station 11’s location on the far eastern edge of the district makes it difficult to provide fast response and back-up resources. [click to continue…]

Salvio looking east_Douglass_for website[Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series on the growth and development of Concord. In this issue we look at its history and economics; next issue we examine the Concord lifestyle.]

If Don Salvio Pacheco stood in the middle of Todos Santos Plaza today, he would not believe what has risen from his 1834 land grant. Residents bustle through the restaurants and shops around the plaza, the hum of BART trains echo in the distance, and silver high-rise buildings glisten in the warm spring sun. [click to continue…]

Clayton Cleans Up 2Rain or shine, hundreds of Claytonians flock to City Hall every year on a Saturday morning in April to pick up garbage bags and gloves before spreading out to city parks, trails and neighborhoods for Clayton Cleans Up.

This event, to honor Earth Day, is the perfect opportunity for kids, adults, Scout Troops, service clubs, families and neighbors to spruce up the town for the Art and Wine Festival. [click to continue…]

Construction of the eagerly anticipated Ipsen Family bocce courts will begin this month and already the league is full with more than 500 signing up on April 5.

The current league slate has 50 teams playing Sunday-Thursday evenings and league leadership is considering adding two more divisions. If interest is high enough. the league will ad one division on Friday evening and one on Sunday afternoon. Those interested and available for these divisions are asked to send an email to claytonbocceleague@gmail.com. There are no more signup dates scheduled.

League play will begin in June and run through September. Team fees are $350 per team Individual sign-ups are available at $40 per person.

The Ipsen family, founders of Skipolini’s Pizza, are building the park which will be operated by the Clayton Business and Community Association.

Mayor’s Corner: Focus on Integrity this month

By Hank Stratford on April 7, 2014

Stratford Hank websiteDuring the months of March and April the focus of the Do the Right Thing program is on Integrity. In thinking about this universal character trait, I was reminded of a story I once heard about a high school football player named Joseph

It was the championship game. The play called for Joseph to run the ball up the middle for the go-ahead touchdown. He took the handoff and plunged into the line. He knew he was close to the goal line, but didn’t know how close. As he was pinned at the bottom of the pile, he reached his fingers forward a couple of inches and felt the goal line. It was two inches away. [click to continue…]